The Supers: A Super Honest Review 

From the design of their website to their pink packaging and the products within, Glossier has been a front runner in the competition for space on my vanity for a few years now. Although their Super serums aren’t their newest product, it’s one that has entranced me since it’s arrival. 
Super Glow:

This lightweight vitamin c and magnesium serum is my favorite of the three. It really does give my face a nice subtle glow and tends to limit oil production throughout the day. I like layering it under my primer or wearing it alone on a fresh face day. 
Super Pure:

This serum is one of my favorite products for when my skin is being temperamental. At the first sign of a breakout, I use this product once a day until my skin seems to have evened itself out again. I either apply this after I wash my face at night and before my night cream or alone in the morning if it’s a no makeup day. 
Super Bounce:

This serum is the one I use the least simply because my skin tends to be on the oily side. In the summer I sometimes use this at night instead of a heavier night cream to let me skin breathe a little better. I usually don’t use this is the morning because it’s more moisturizing than I need. If you do have drier skin and are looking for a super lightweight injection of moisture than this is the serum for you. 
Overall I highly recommend the Supers because their price point is affordable, the amount of product lasts at least a couple months and the brand itself focuses on making your skin ideal rather than creating products meant to cover it up. 

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