What I’m Watching


Why did the one-handed man cross the street?


To get to the second-hand shop.


Easily one of my favorite ways to relax at the end of the day is to snuggle up with a fuzzy blanket and watch Netflix. Depending on the show,  I either watch intently or zone off and let my mind run through the days’ events but either way, there are particular shows that are my current go-to’s. If I have less time then I turn to YouTube for some shorter videos so I’ll also list some of my favorite Youtubers.


Stranger Things:

If you haven’t at least heard of this show I don’t know where you’ve been the past two years. This show has taken the Western world by storm and for good reason- it has comedy, incredible young actors and a strong heart running through it. With a second season even better than the first, it shows no signs of dying off anytime soon.

Manhunt Unabomber:

The Unabomber case never really interested me until this show popped up on my Netflix recommended list. Immediately after starting it, I found myself completely engrossed in this super unique case that was solved in an unprecedented fashion. I finished the season in two days and would have finished it even faster if things like classes and homework didn’t get in the way.

Bates Motel:

Undoubtedly on the darker side, this show is a fascinating look into the damaged family that lead to the development of Norman Bates of the thriller film Psycho. It is beautifully shot and set in a small woodsy town where it always seems to have just finished raining. The acting is phenomenal to the point that you start to really hate Vera Farmiga and have to remind yourself that she’s just playing Norma.

Nathan For You:

If ridiculous comedy is your cup of tea then this is the show for you. It’s lead by Nathan Fielder who assists struggling business with his “unique” plans to bring in customers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more awkward person in front of a camera and this combined with the exceedingly elaborate nature of his plans is enough to make me laugh until my face hurts.

Mad Men:

An incredibly shot show with remarkable character development, this is a show that never gets old despite it being set in the 1960s. The plot is riveting but slow-paced enough that you truly get to know the characters and you’ll care enough that you’ll be yelling at the screen when they are making choices that you know will get them into trouble later.

YouTube Channels:

David Dobrik:

I love his daily vlogs because they are all four minutes and twenty seconds which is perfect for someone with a short attention span like mine. You get to know the “characters” so the more you watch, the more you enjoy it.

Cody Ko:

Ever since getting a new intern to film and edit his vlogs, they have reached impressive quality. Cody is a great comedian who laughs at both himself and his fans so his channel isn’t exactly for those who err towards the sensitive side.

Casey Neistat:

A quintessential Youtuber who seems to be everywhere and doing everything with everyone every day: Casey Neistat is all about the constant grind.

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